Leeds United

They are three-time winners of England’s top tier league. They were European Cup finalists in 1975. And they’ve played host to some of the most notable players and managers in the history of English football, with the likes of John Charles, Eric Cantona, Billy Bremner, Don Revie and (briefly) Brian Clough.

Yes, Leeds United have long been one of English football’s most exciting clubs – which is why we take a lot of pride in the sponsorship of the Yorkshire club. While the memory of uncompromising Leeds legends like Norman ‘Bite Yer Legs’ Hunter and David ‘Nora’ Batty may belong to history, the current side continues to thrill the fans.

Currently playing in the Championship, the club continue to attract some of the most passionate support in football. Right now the side are fighting for promotion under legendary Argentine manager Marcelo Bielsa, a man who has inspired the likes of Pep Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino. So as the club looks hopefully to the future, could Leeds be about to enter a new golden era of success?


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