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The most important people at 32Red Online Casino are the people who play our games and use our service - our customers. We have a Mission To Thrill and we value your opinion. With your feedback we can improve our offering to truly bring you the best online gaming experience on the internet!

32Red is all about safe gaming, fast payouts and unrivalled customer support. We are always looking to improve 32Red in all aspects and have been thrilled to receive the support of many who have already sampled our casino. Here's what some of our players are saying about 32Red...

A Michelin star rating similar to what restaurants use is whats needed, rather than a pass or fail approach. 32Red would then be the Fat Duck of the online casinos, and others the shabby van at the end of the street selling dodgy pies!

Mike, aka Wildfire7, on Casinomeister reference a casino ratings guide

As the managing director of the Online Players Association I spend a great deal of time checking out casinos for fairplay, excellent customer service and prompt payouts. I had been receiving good reports from players regarding 32Red and decided to put this casino to the test.

After spending a while trying to tie the customer support team and management in knots with bizarre questions and requests (which I am pleased to announce they managed to handle in a prompt and professional manner), I hit the tables, and I'm glad I did as in the early hours of April 1st I managed to hit the Jackpot Deuces Progressive Jackpot, after calling the support team again (to ensure it wasn't an April Fool joke!) they confirmed the win and I received the winnings in less than 12 hours.

I'm pleased to report that we have accepted 32Red as a fully OPA Approved Casino and they join a select group of casinos who are committed to ensuring that all players receive the very best in online gaming

Mike Craig - Online Players Association Accolade

UKCroupier was so impressed by the service he received at 32Red following his huge £70,000 win on Video Poker, he just had to tell his fellow gamblers on the Casinomeister Message Boards. His accolades scooped him and 32Red the Best Player Experience Award for 2004!

UKCroupier told the forum, "I won a nice sum on Video Poker at 32Red on Friday/Sat. I went to the bank on Monday afternoon (today) and I was £70k richer. I've been a player at 32Red for 1 1/2 years and have always had top class service and fast withdrawals but this one beats everything - I think they must have been waiting for the bank to open on Monday morning so they could rush the funds to me."

You can read the discussion of UKCroupier's win and 32Red's top service at the Casinomeister Forum...

And UKCroupier is not the only 32Red player impressed with the service...

32Red wins Casinomeister Best Player Experience Award of 2004

I would just like to congratulate everyone involved with 32Red and wish you a happy 5th birthday. Thank you for your patience in dealing with the odd issue I have had over the years, that is the main reason why I still play my poker with 32Red... Thanks for an enjoyable place to play poker, long may it continue.

James - 32Red Poker Fan

Just a small hello to let you know that you have the most excellent customer service I have ever met in online gambling. Your live chat supportcrew is ALWAYS there instantly and goes to great lengths to help out with whatever query I might have... So thanks alot and keep up the good work!

Martin B - Excellent Customer Service

I thought I would email you to thank you personally for your generosity and fast reply. I think the way in which the staff at 32Redpoker deal with situations very well and are the most helpful people on the planet, they just can’t do enough for you, they're great.

Another thing I was amazed about was the fact that the Live Help actually worked. Many times I have tried to access the same thing on other sites but it says that the operators are all busy or the system is down and try again later. I think the Live Help is a fantastic idea and a great way to resolve issues fast.

Steven N - Most helpful people on the planet

Thank you very much. I can gladly say with confidence that 32Red Casino & Poker has been the greatest site I have ever played on. With by far the greatest customer service, a great program that is easy to use, with good graphics - u have made my online poker and casino experience fantastic. Thank you once again.

Mike M - Fantastic experience

Finally hit that elusive 3rd royal on Thursday at 32Red. Perhaps Mystic Meg should be worried! Seriously though, I just wanted to drop a quick line to voice my appreciation of both the customer service when I called Thursday to give my preferred payment method, and also the speed with which it was carried out. Keep up the high standards and you'll continue to trounce the opposition for years to come.

Nick F - High Standards

£50,295 hit my bank account today and I am over the moon to say the least. I couldn't possibly begin to describe the feeling of immense joy as the first deuce turned, then the second, third and then another ..... Then the grand finale.. The joker ! Many thanks, for the money, for the champagne (nice touch, by the way) and for the support from all the staff at 32Red, you have made me and my family very happy for sometime to come.

Mathew C - another big winner

The service I have received with 32Red has really been first class (the online chat is superb). Whilst I have used other online gaming sites before, I think I will stick with 32Red. I'll soon be referring you to my friends (and hopefully take advantage of your Referral scheme). Keep up the good work.

J.W - satisfied customer

You guys are great. I've played a few casinos and none of them have been particularly hot as far as customer service goes – 32Red is the best by a mile!! I give you 10/10 every time!

R.C - ‘aka a very happy punter’

Wow! I just wanted to say THANK YOU.’ ‘I was impressed by 32Red's prompt processing of my cash-out

M.S - knows what is important

Thank you for your help. The service I have been given has been better than even my local bank or stockbrokers.

S.L - measures 32Red against others

Well done! A response in three minutes has to be a world-record for casino support staff. Most impressive.

M.J - another player to be impressed

Thank you very much. I must say that the service at your casino is excellent... my favourite number has always been 32, so when I discovered your casino I had to try my luck, thank god.

A.K - lucky number – 32!

Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for a great casino. Your service is the tops and your response time is very short. Your payouts are the fastest I have seen and I have all the reasons for recommending your casino to my friends.

T.S - very happy with 32Red

I've played a lot of online casinos, and 32Red is hands down the friendliest and most personable. I do a lot of online research before choosing a casino, and I will say that I've never read a negative comment about 32Red. Best wishes to all......Tim .

Tim - knows what's what

I enjoyed my experience at your casino all-around, and I'll be playing there again. Prompt service on my cash-in, and no paperwork hassles. Of course, winning never hurts a players first impression!

Ken S - all-around thumbs up

I want to thank you all at 32Red for a very fine service about this matter. Thank you Very much. I will for sure tell all my friends about your fine service.

Stig L N - spreading the word

I must say I am very impressed with the service I receive from yourselves - you are by far the best customer service team of the online casinos - and I don't often make comments on issues like that.

Michael - qualified praise for 32Red

32Red has the best support of any casino I have ever dealt with. They have one of the best reputations on the message boards because of the great lengths they go to help their players, the integrity they have shown and how quick refunds are returned to their players.

Martel Y - say no more

Wow, thanks for the immediate response! Iv'e been most impressed with 32Red Casino, particulary the customer support. I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship!

Jake P - pleased with surprising service

As always the BEST and fastest service on the net.....Thanks and keep it up!

James S - knows 32Red delivers the best service

I have never recieved service like this and didn't expect to! Thanks guys special thanks to Sabrina and Heather who have helped alot!

Ry P - a personal thank you

Hi Ning you are running a fine casino at 32Red. Professional and serious even when players cash out small amounts. Thanks for that.

Ernst H - another satisifed customer

" say that I am pleased with the win is an understatement - thanks again for all your help........

Slots Winner - K.L

I deposited about 4 days ago, cashed in yesterday, paid today via Neteller. I just have to congratulate you on a wonderful casino, your service was excellent and the games were fair.

Chantelle - knows what counts

I have played a couple of other online casinos and they are not even in the same league as 32Red. Outstanding!

Kevin H - says 32Red are simply the best

This is only my second online royal and the first at the £2 level, sadly I just burst out laughing ;- then called everyone I could think of to let them know what a great gambler I am.

Stephen V - royal winner

We just wanted to thank you for the lovely day we had at the races yesterday. The food, drink, service and atmosphere were great. We had one winner and several places which made it even more fun. Once again many thanks for such a great day out.

Colin & Caroline H

Your customer service is unparalled and you work so hard to keep your players happy.

Linda - high praise indeed

Many thanks for the 1st class customer service, Outstanding. Keep up the excellent work.

Ron P - another satisfied customer

The customer service at 32Red cannot be matched by any casino on the net. You are an incredible team.

Linda - 32Red were voted Best Casino 2003

Thank you for all your help yesterday Heather. I wish all customer service representitives were as efficient as you!!

Richard W - personal service at it's best

If you people ever need a quote / testimonial for your website about great customer service then feel free to ask me for one !!

Robert S

Having played a large number of different online casinos, I can tell you there are far too many black sheep out there, and even being very careful - as I am - you are never quite safe from nasty surprises. Anyway, that certainly does not apply to your casino, which is a pleasure to play at.

Werner B - carefully selected 32Red

Thank you for an allways fast and cool service

Jacob S

That is most generous of you, by showing this kind of support you have definetly confirmed what I thought already that you are the leading online casino around. Again many Thanks.

Martin H - 32Red is the leading online casino

I can see now why they voted you the best casino around. Thank you so much for the very prompt replies Keira and I will definitely recommend your site to anyone and everyone.

Darren C - likes the fast and friendly service

I'd just like to say how Impressed I am with your casino. I have never experienced such a good service till now. After playing your games I wouldn't want to go to any of the other casinos.

Shirley E - has found her casino for life

I have always enjoyed the choice of games, attractive graphics, generous bonuses and most of all the courteous and attentive service of your casino staff. Imagine how excited I was to win £4000 over the last month by getting not one but TWO royal flushes at Jacks and higher Video Poker. This made my experience with 32Red even more pleasurable. The money is going towards a holiday in South America next February and a generous gift to BBC's Children in Need this weekend. Thanks again.

Andrew C - putting his win to good use

Just a quick note to say that I have really enjoyed playing in your casino. Expect be back next month, especially if you put on more of those wonderful promotions (I liked the England football one, pity we lost). It's the most fun I've had in a long time, while still fully dressed. Keep up the good work.

Clive D - most fun while still fully dressed!

Over the past year I have played many times with Red32. I have found your staff to be the most helpful, Games most enjoyable and payouts quickest. Heather stands out for special mention as she always seems to be the colleague around to help when I need it. Finally the opportunity to email the director in this manner is again a fantastic facility which I have seen no where else. Keep up the good work and I will be back on the tables soon.

Keith J - picks out Heather from 32Red for special mention

Thanks for my winnings received today, v impressed with payout speed.

Guy B

Thanks again. You people are very quick. I'm really impressed.

Robert D

I have to say, I don't think I've found any company yet on the Internet that answers emails as fast as you do. Well done and thank you - excellent customer service.

Tim S - enjoys our unbeatable service

Waouh ! Your response is faster than the concorde speed :)!!! Thank you so much !

Nicolas G - compares 32Red to a speeding jet!

I just wanted to write and thank you so much for the Incredible WIN ! I deposited $60 into my casino account a few weeks ago and cashed out $4200.00! I received the money this week and am just so excited! I have never won anything close to this! I can't wait to play again at your casino and I will be sure to tell all my friends about you. I also wanted to say that your support staff is the best. I received quick and professional response to all my inquiries. I'm starting my Christmas shopping early this year, thanks to 32Red.

Shannon C

I'd just like to say that the 32Red website is the best by far for games and more importantly customer support. Its the gaming site I recommend to all of my friends.

Ian M - another spreading the word

I have just received my cash in for this months match bonus,(first one I've won) and I am contacting you to congratulate yourself and all of the support staff at 32Red on your customer service. I and many of my friends play poker and online casinos and I was discussing poor service that I had received at a casino with some of them and it was agreed by all that 32Red had the best support, quickest payment of bonus and most importantly, least fuss quick payouts. I am not a big gambler and I don't play at your casino regularly yet I would say the service that I have received could not be better so goodness knows how you treat the high rollers.

Steven G - number one for customer service

I'm a member of almost 50 casinos on the Internet, and 32Red beats them all hands down for customer service and fantastic promotions!

Jonathan W - fantastic promotions


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