You Lucky Barstard

Feeling Lucky? Then why not give You Lucky Barstard, a great online fruit machine, a shot, in this 3-reel, single payline game. Being based simply on a series of black and red "bar" symbols it's easy to learn and, more importantly, easy to master. Plus You Lucky Barstard has a host on interesting game features too.

This generous game has a great, cash winning multiplier bonus feature that launches when "bar" filled paylines are completed on three consecutive spins. The simple illuminated ladder bonus screen displays various numbers which represent a multiplier. As the light passes from number to number press stop to reveal just how much the You Lucky Barstard machine will multiply your winnings by. Incredibly the multiplier can increase your winnings by up to 250 times the original amount! Not only that, the game will also randomly give you another chance at this bonus feature and can really lead to huge winnings.

As you play You Luky Barstard the machine will randomly award you nudges, allowing you to move a selected reel down one place. Ultimately, this means you can complete winning paylines more often and, naturally, get more cash too! Also, you can bank your nudges, saving them up until you're ready to land the jackpot.


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