Mardi Gras Online Slot

Mardi Gras has come to 32Red Online Casino and it's here to stay! So go find your glitzy clothes, feather boa and join the party with this great slot game.

Mardi Gras all year round? Yup, you'll love the slick slot action, top graphics and sounds of this great slot machine that recreates the grandest of carnival atmospheres, Mardi Gras. No need to journey south to New Orleans, or even further south to Rio, you can revel all night (and day) long with 32Red.

Mardi Gras is 3 reels and one payline of slot heaven. Simple features and generous payouts make it the ideal starter slot machine for beginners to enjoy. The jackpot is impressive, standing at 4,000 coins on max bet. However, the game is designed so that the winnings are more evenly distributed throughout the symbols than in other machines and thus, it rewards more players, more often. In fact, you'll even party when you hit blanks on the payline as the Mardi Gras slot will still reward you!

With a mixture of slot classics like "BAR" and "7" symbols, the game has solid, timeless gaming roots. However, the Mardi Gras slot machine gives everything a touch of colour and pazazz, with shocking reds and purples. Well made, easy to play and very rewarding, Mardi Gras will keep you on your toes for as long as you can spin those reels.


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