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Take those excitement levels for a spin by entering a 32Red online slot tournament! Not only is our casino a must-visit for slot enthusiasts due to the vast selection of popular and exclusive machines we have available, but our tournaments give players an extra incentive to keep watching those reels spin.

Our online slots tournaments are thrilling, effortless to play, and potentially lucrative. You also don’t have to go out of your way to participate. Simply play an eligible slot, pile up the points, and end up with a score that surpasses that of your opponents. If you’re amongst the top performers on the leaderboard once the tournament finishes, you will earn a tasty portion of the generous prize pot up for grabs.

32Red has online slots tournaments running 24/7, which means there’s no waiting around for impatient players that want to instantly join in with the fun. Throw in varying slots, prize pools, and buy-in prices that bring a diverse flavour to proceedings, and it’s guaranteed 32Red has a slot tournament that tickles your fancy!

How Does an Online Slot Tournament Work?

It’s likely you have heard of and maybe even participated in online poker tournaments. While games of poker are easy to understand, you might be wondering how exactly an online slot tournament works. After all, a slot machine is known as a game for solitary play – not a social group experience.

However, online slots tournaments turn the format upside down. The general gameplay remains the same, where you’re spinning the reels in the hopes of landing winning combinations. Yet rather than bulking out your bank balance, the aim of the tournament is to amass more points than all other entrants.

Don’t think these tournaments are only available to select players. There are gamers of all ages and experiences that ‘slot’ in, and everyone’s in with a chance of walking away with one of the prizes on offer.

This is because the tournaments are not dependent entirely on skill. While certain elements of strategy can come into play and make a difference, a tournament, much like playing a regular slot, is mostly based on good fortune. You could hit a hot streak of wins, massively build up your points balance, and finish at the top of the mountaintop. You never know how it will go, which only further adds to the fun and excitement of playing slots!

Getting Started with Online Slots Tournaments

With the nature of racking up as many points as possible, you could feel online slots tournaments are simply about pressing that “Spin” button again and again… and again in rapid fashion. Even though the action is often fast and furious, getting those reels moving isn’t the only task when playing in this type of tournament. Oh no. A savvy strategy and know-how of slot games can take you up the leaderboard – and towards those major prizes – as you outplay your opponents!

Of course, the main aim of the game – well, tournament – is to build up your points total. To do this, there are various ways you are rewarded with points. The obvious way is to land a winning combination while playing a slot. However, consecutive wins and hitting large multipliers can result in major scaling points returns. Also, don’t be too deterred if you go on a dry run. You can also receive points if you have a certain number of consecutive losses.

As mentioned, there are tactics you can utilise to increase your chances of placing high on the leaderboard. If the slot tournament only takes place over a short period, make sure you begin playing as soon as it begins. Keeping a regular eye on the scoreboard is wise, as this provides you with a clear view of the landscape – and where you and your opponents currently sit. Also, remember to stay consistent with your stakes. The “re-buy” option, where you purchase more coins to keep playing, is also used by shrewd players to top up their points total – and push themselves into a money position on the leaderboard.

However, there is one aspect to remember that’s more important than any other: to have fun! Tournaments are designed to boost the excitement of slot gaming, which shouldn’t be forgotten as you try and climb the rankings towards those lucrative prizes.

Our Tournament Slot Machines

To give players the variety they desire when playing in one of our tournaments, we incorporate a number of different slot machines. Here are the tournament slots we use:


Avalon is an everlasting game that has a seat at the top table of legendary classic slots. As a result, it’s no surprise that Avalon remains one of our most popular slots – and why it is a key part of our online slots tournaments.

This superstar slot machine is based on Arthurian legend, and the fun is delivered in spades for this 5-reel game. A magical selection of features, including Wilds, Scatters, and Free Spins, keep the action fast and frantic. Add in its playability and generous RTP rate, and it’s no surprise Avalon is a massive hit for those taking part in a slot tournament with us.

Learn more about Avalon

Tomb Raider

After starring in a string of blockbuster video games and movies, Lara Croft makes a move to the slot machine world. With such a big star present on the reels, this slot has to deliver the thrills and excitement – and that’s exactly what Tomb Raider achieves.

Along with multiple bonus rounds and exhilarating action, the 5-reel Tomb Raider slot throws in generous wins for players. Due to these qualities, the game is a perfect fit for our slot tournament.

Learn more about Tomb Raider


Thunderstruck is another elite slot machine that’s a top choice for players. This 5-reel slot is as electrifying as it sounds, where vibrant visuals and sounds blend together seamlessly with frantic, riveting gameplay.

Thunderstruck is a top choice for a slot tournament. Action-packed, watch out for the incredibly generous Free Spins bonus round that opens the door to building huge points totals. If it goes your way, you can rocket up the slot tournament leaderboard!

Learn more about Thunderstruck

Why 32Red is the #1 Destination for Slots Tournaments

32Red is the only casino you need to visit for slots tournaments. We know our players all seek different experiences when they play, which is why we provide an unparalleled number of slot tournaments to cater to all tastes. These also incorporate varying prize pools and buy-in prices to suit all budgets.

We have fast, all-action tournaments that appeal to those who desire short bursts of fun when spinning the reels. Alternatively, if you want a chilled – but just as generous – tournament, make sure to check out our scheduled games. These occur over a longer period, so there’s no need to go all-out from the off. You can play here and there, frequently check your position on the tournament leaderboard, and see what you need to do to climb the rankings.

Another advantage of joining 32Red is our awesome welcome bonus. Simply sign up for an account, make your first deposit, and we’ll provide you with a juicy reward!


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