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The Phantom Of The Opera™ online slot!

Quick, the show’s about to start! Hurry along and make sure you get the best seats in the house, for The Phantom Of The Opera™ has returned to the West End! 32Red is proud to announce that the world-renowned musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber is now available in online slot format, bringing all the drama directly to your phone or laptop.

This timeless classic has been going strong for decades now - and with good reason! The endless thrills, shocking twists, and wildly entertaining score have blessed people for generations. Now there’s an extra twist in the plot - you have a chance to win some serious money from the Phantom by spinning those slots and matching iconic symbols.

Sway to the background music as you attempt to find a variety of themed symbols, from roses and theatre binoculars to pictures of the show’s characters. Hunt down the large wild symbols and trigger the bonus games for a frightfully exciting online casino experience!

Given Microgaming’s reputation as exceptional slot developers, it’s no surprise that The Phantom Of The Opera™ is an engaging, well-made game. It goes well beyond the standard format of other online slot games, offering hidden bonuses, gorgeous graphics, and a gripping score in keeping with the original musical.

With compelling iconography and a whole host of special features, you’ll never get bored of this game. The exquisite blend of innovation and nostalgia creates truly unique gameplay, ideal for both experienced gamblers and newcomers to the scene. You don’t even need to be a fan of the musical to play this - with a great many ways to win and incredibly fun bonus rounds, The Phantom Of The Opera™ continues its unrivalled reputation as a timeless classic.

Frightful Features

The Phantom Of The Opera™ online slot boasts a tremendous amount of special features that offer a whole new side to slot games. From bonus rounds and free spins to expanding wilds and themed features, this game provides endless entertainment for everyone.

While added features can overcomplicate some slots, The Phantom Of The Opera™ remains just as playable for rookies as seasoned gamblers. It goes beyond simply betting and spinning, adding to the mix an array of interactive bonuses that all serve to give you more opportunities to win. It’s easy to pick up once you start playing, but you might want to read up on the various special features so you can properly take advantage before you begin betting.

  • Falling chandelier: No other slot machine game does drama quite like The Phantom Of The Opera™ and the dramatic chandelier drop demonstrates this perfectly. At random points during your spins, a glistening chandelier may fall from the ceiling, crashing down and turning up to three whole reels wild. This gives you more chances to win, as wild symbols can turn into any other icon (except scatters) to complete winning paylines. This opera house never shies away from drama, so make sure you’re on the lookout for that falling ornament at all times!
  • Masquerade bonus game: If you’re lucky enough to find three or more white mask symbols, you’ll activate one of three bonus rounds. It’s up to you to choose which round you want, but a highly popular one is the masquerade game. Here, you’ll be presented with seven masks and behind each one is a cash prize. Pick the ones you think will earn you the most money and watch as your total winnings stack up! You might even get awarded bonus picks so you can keep playing for more chances to win.
  • Free spins on two bonus games: The other two bonus games involve free spins. If you decide that the masquerade ball isn’t for you, choose either the Music Of The Night or the All I Ask Of You bonus game. Each one will award you 10 free spins and a variety of in-game bonuses that can multiply your total winnings substantially. With inspiring graphics and equally epic music, the free spins bonus rounds are well worth triggering.

How to Play The Phantom Of The Opera™

The Phantom Of The Opera™ is unlike other slot games due to its extensive amount of special features and unique bonuses, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to understand. It functions in much the same way as standard slots, simply choose your stake, spin the reels, and watch as the game takes you on a journey through the opera house!

The game uses an autoplay feature, meaning you don’t have to click to spin every time. First off, simply select how much you want your total stake to be using the plus and minus buttons and then hit the spin button. If you like the feel of spinning every reel, you can turn off the autoplay feature at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, cross your fingers and let it ride!

Match three or more symbols across one of the paylines to form a winning combination. The amount you earn depends on which symbol you match up, as some are worth more than others. You’ll encounter a range of characters from the 2004 film adaptation, including Carlotta, Christina, and Viscount Raul de Chagny, as well as a variety of themed icons - such as red roses and sheet music.

And with both wild and scatter symbols, every spin has as much mystery and suspense as the movie. Find dancing wilds that reflect the artistry of the musical, white mask scatter symbols that invite an air of mystery, and unmarked envelopes that reveal jaw-dropping cash prizes. Large jackpots and thrilling spins make this game a genuinely amazing experience.

If that’s not all, players have an incredibly high chance to win. With a whopping 243 paylines, The Phantom Of The Opera™ really does its best to offer up cash prizes for its players. With an attractive design and beautiful music, this game can be enjoyed by just about everyone!

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