Jacks or Better Level-Up Poker

Jacks or Better video poker has always been a casino favourite, its generosity and simplicity winning over thousands of players at 32Red alone. Now there’s a new version out with added multiplier bonuses called Level-Ups.

Jacks or Better Level-Up Video Poker is based on the classic video poker game, Jacks or Better - probably the most popular variant. Like all video poker it’s based on the game of five card draw poker, where players receive 5 initial cards and can exchange all or some of the cards in the draw stage. Unlike other poker variants, video poker is not played against opponents. Instead a player wins by building the strongest poker hand with the cards dealt. A certain combination will always result in a payout – in this case the minimum hand is a pair of jacks with the highest hand a Royal Flush. The payout is proportional to the strength of the hand. So in the examples above, jacks would result in a return of your bet but a Royal Flush could see you bag 4,000 coins!

Jacks or Better Level-Up augments the original game by the addition of multiplier bonuses. Each win, on top of the payout for the hand, can be boosted by multipliers connected to the level number. Each successive win means a move up the levels and towards the maximum multiplier bonus of x8! To give players some help Jacks or Better Level-Up comes with a ‘Free Ride’ card that will automatically boost the next hand on to the next level and to a greater multiplier bonus.

Big wins can get bigger, too! Jacks or Better Level-Up also comes with an embedded bonus game that allows the player to double any win! Simply pick a higher card than the one shown at random on the screen to double you wins. Be warned though: as easy as it to boost your wins, its just as easy to lose your all of your payout for that game.


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