Holdem High Gold

Brand new table game entertainment has joined 32Red Casino that combines both the thrilling edge of a casino table game with the subtlety and strategy of poker.

Designed to appeal to a wide range of people, from casino players to those straight off the Texas Holdem poker tables, Holdem High requires a range of skills that will reward every player with generous payouts and endless entertainment. Set to a stylish backdrop in the award-winning 32Red Casino this game is pleasing on eye, easy to learn and generous, with a maximum payout of 500:1.

Based on Texas Holdem poker, players are given 2 pocket cards per hand and use community cards on to build the best poker hands. However, bets are placed before the dealing of cards and winnings are fixed and are proportional to strength of the poker hands built.

Games of Holdem High Gold are leant an extra edge by exciting features, including the option of a side bet and multiple hand gaming. The addition of a side bet means players can top up any winnings to a maximum of 50:1 – depending on whether you attain certain hands. Also, Holdem High Gold allows you to play up to 5 hands per game, which can maximise your chances of winning, keeps the action fast, entertaining and, more importantly, rewarding.


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