As we step into the mythical realm of the elementals, we’ll go on a magical journey into the past. This 5-reel, 10-payline slot line perfectly embraces this spirit with it’s fun retro feel.

In this mystical realm, a world where the elements dance in harmony, four ancient spirits reign the reels – Gnome, Undine, Sylph, and Salamander. Each spirit embodies the essence of its element, casting a spell of enchantment over the gameboard.

Gnome, the guardian of the earth, climbs through rocky terrains, nurturing the vibrant land that flourishes under his gentle touch. Undine, the ethereal water spirit, pours through cascading waterfalls and serene lakes, her laughter echoing in the babbling brooks.

Sylph is the elusive air guardian. She soars through the skies, leaving a whisp of magic in the wind. With a mischievous gleam in her eyes, Sylph playfully tousles the leaves and carries the sweet scent of blossoms to every corner of the world.

In the heart of a blazing inferno, Salamander, the fiery spirit, dances in the flames, embodying both the destructive and transformative power of fire. His warmth brings the spark of life to the world.

As the reels spin, the elementals are woven into the reels of the game, and their bright symbols can appear during each magical rotation.

Elementals slot features

As you embark on this magical journey, the four elemental spirits come to life. With every spin, the elementals' energy is resonated on the reels, ready to guide you along the way. The once-still earth quivers, the waters sparkle, the air whispers, and the flames leap to the rhythm of the game.

At the heart of the game, the mystical and the tangible converge. The elementals embrace the unpredictability of slots, infusing the game with their timeless magic. As the story unfolds, the enchanting tale of the elementals blends with the thrill of the game, creating a harmony in the magical land.

The power of "E" -

One fateful day, an unforeseen disturbance disrupts the elemental harmony. The enchanted "E" symbol, a key to the elemental balance, begins to shimmer on the ancient reels. Intrigued, the elementals gather, sensing a cosmic shift in their serene existence.

Look out for the stylized "E" symbol on reels one and two. Landing this symbol unlocks the magic of 20 Free Spins, where all winnings will be doubled. These spins can be re-triggered, paving the way to the Elementals' enchanting jackpot of 25,000 coins.

Elementals’ Wild symbol

Feel the power of the Elementals wild symbol, replacing missing symbols in winning combinations and potentially leading to a 5,000-coin payout for those fortunate enough to align five of them.

Watch as the wild symbol weaves its magic, completing winning combinations and doubling the excitement. The reels come alive with energy as the wild symbol transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, creating a cascade of wins for players.

Thrilling gamble option

Embrace the element of risk with the thrilling gamble option. After any win, decide whether to collect your winnings or enter a double-or-nothing game. Predict the colour of the next card to keep doubling your winnings until you're satisfied. Or keep going for a bigger win, though that can be fraught with danger if you try one gamble too many. Let’s hope the elementals weave their magic and add a little extra luck to the game.

Get ready for a rush of adrenaline as you experience the thrill, choosing between collecting your winnings and daring to gamble for more. The suspense builds with each correct guess, offering players the chance to multiply their rewards and extend the gaming adventure.

How to Play the Elementals Slot Game

Like most slot games, no special skills are required before you set the reels spinning. All you need is a few virtual coins and a little luck along the way.

Setting the Stage for Elemental Adventure

Before joining the elemental spirits in their quest, familiarise yourself with the game mechanics. Set your bets by adjusting coin size, selecting lines, and choosing the number of coins per line.

Game settings help you to tailor your gaming experience. From coin size adjustments to selecting the number of active lines, Elementals offers a customisable game, allowing you to play on your own terms.

Autoplay for Uninterrupted Play

Want uninterrupted gameplay? Choose the Autoplay option. The reels spin without interruption for a chosen number of times, adding a layer of convenience to your gaming experience.

Set the reels in motion and sit back as the elemental spirits guide your destiny, unfolding the story of the game with each spin.

Gamble Feature – Risk and Reward

As we’ve seen already, for those with a daring spirit, the Gamble feature offers a 50:50 chance to double your winnings. Guess the colour of the next card and keep the gamble alive up to five consecutive times.

Symbols and Stakes

Explore the intricacies of the Elementals slot symbols. From cherries and watermelons to the four elemental spirits, each symbol contributes to the vivid look of the game.

Look out for the wilds and scatter to improve your gaming experience through Free Spins and Cascading Wilds.

Gnome, Undine, Sylph, and Salamander are the highest-paying symbols of the game, while the fruit scattered across the reels will help you with little wins along the way.

As you spin through a visual journey on the reels, you’ll soon want to embrace the spirit of the game.

Can't Get Enough of the Elementals Slot Game?

In the realm of the Elementals, the journey never truly ends. Whether you're enticed by the elemental spirits, the thrill of the gamble, or the potential for free spins, the Elementals slot game at 32Red promises enchanting fun. Want to follow the Elementals on their separate paths? Gnome joins the reels of Lady Earth as you dig deep for hidden treasures. Salamander might pop up to give you a little bit of luck in Fire Forge. Dance in the heavens with Sylph as you fly up into the air on the reels of Cloud Corsairs. And finally, if you want to dive deep into the ocean with Undine, you can take a spin on Triton’s Fortune.

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