Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker

Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker

A hybrid of top video poker games, Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker is the ultimate in video poker entertainment. You can experience it for yourself with 32Red Casino for free with our free casino software and £100 Welcome Bonus.

This great video poker game looks and sounds great, designed to the highest standards of gaming software. The poker comes thick and fast through four playable hands and the max payout of 5,000 coins makes the game more than generous and rewarding. Plus hitting the Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker jackpot is even easier than normal with three types "5 of a kind" and the "2" as wild.

Like all video poker games you play only against yourself, the machine and lady luck. Unlike other poker variants (like Texas Holdem, Omaha Poker, etc) there are no other opponents and payout corresponds to the strength of your poker hand and is fixed. So the machine will payout for a pair of jacks every time!

Wild cards will substitute any missing cards to complete the strongest poker hand from your hand, meaning you'll win more often and win big. So keep an eye out for the 2 cards, they're the big wild cards in Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker and will really boost your winnings!

Another great feature of Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker is the gamble option. Any winning hand will give you this option and allow you to double your winnings in a seperate card game.

Simply by picking a card of higher or equal value (Ace high) than the one visible card from a selection of 5 down facing cards will double any coins won from your previous hand. You can do this indefinitely until you either lose or bag the jackpot! It takes nerves of steel and is certain to get the adrenalin pumping but, if you've got what it takes, you can make some serious money playing wisely.

Naturally, please remember to always gamble responsibly. Set limits and a personal budget and make sure you stick to them. For more information, contact our customer support team.


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